The following music video was created to honor
all the brave men and women who are
protecting our country and preserving our liberty.
"We Love the USA"
Music and lyrics written by: David Burke  /  vocals: Cathy Biscan  /  background vocals: Joey Kang
piano: David Burke  /  cello: Joey Kang  /  guitars: Michael Matejick  /  all other instrumentation by: Hightower Road
executive producer: David Burke  /  producer: Joey Kang  /  recorded and mixed at: HTR Studio  /  mastered by: Mark Coughlin, Inc


We are living in a world where there's so many people here.
There are those we praise and those we love and even those we fear.
And sometimes our country's way of life is threatened by our foes,
so we call on you, our fearless troops, to serve the life you chose.
And as you take a stand to protect our land, every heart is filled with pride.
You make us proud to be Americans, standing bold and unified.
You are the strong and brave; you're the mighty wave; you're the red and white and blue.
And all the men, women, and children here are saluting what you do.

So to you we sing this song of glory, praising who you are.
It is you who makes our flag of freedom fly among the stars.
All your fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters pray for you each day.
So as you fight for us for what is right and just, know that we are here to say
that our gratitude reaches out to you, and we love the U.S.A.

As we pledge allegiance to our flag, a symbol of our peace,
we're reminded of our soldiers' strife that's kept our country free.
And every soul we've lost for liberty is resting in God's hands,
and may a patriotic blessing be forever in His plans.
Our nation's history is your legacy of all the great things you have done.
Your gallant victories and heroic deeds show the world how far you've come.
And in the coming years, we know that you'll be near to defend the land we own.
You are the strength and might of America, and you will rise to save our home.
Thank you for viewing this music video composed by
David Burke and created by Kevin Powell.

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